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About Us


Jamie and Rachel grew up together. We bonded over late-night Ramen noodles, early-morning aerobics classes, and the cross-country track team. We reconnected several years ago when we co-designed and taught a class for teens called "Writing for Joy." It was so much fun! We both have tremendous respect for each other as writers and editors and trust each others' judgment completely.  


Our passion is helping people present the best version of their writing to the world. We believe that a good editor frees a writer to focus on their story. Our editing process covers everything from structure and organization to simple grammar.


Our thorough, multi-tiered editing process ensures your work is clear, easy to read, and true to your voice and meaning. We review your manuscript thoroughly at least three times, collaborating closely with you, the author. We alternate between editors to ensure that fresh eyes and a unique perspective are on the manuscript each time. With each sweep, the writing becomes more and more polished and beautiful - it's seriously so much fun to watch!  

Think of us as your personal writing stylists: we make sure your writing shows up at its very best: well-coiffed, neatly tailored - and with absolutely no spinach in its teeth. 

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My soul’s medium is words; I believe beautiful truth, well expressed, has the power to change lives.


I’ve been editing casually for friends and family since I was a teen, just because I love it. Over the last few years, I’ve been growing as a freelance editor on a variety of project types. One client calls me a “book doula” because of my supportive role in the book “birthing” process, offering guidance, insight, and encouragement along the way.


The way I edit is largely intuitive: grammar and good writing feel like senses to me - something I just know. My intention as an editor is to keep your message in your voice, as wholly as possible. I want you to be proud of your book, and to feel like it’s you who wrote it.


Jamie splits her time between Boise, Idaho and Southeast Idaho. She's mom to six amazing kids and is currently in massage school.

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Writing is, at its core, an act of connection: a way of capturing and sharing the things that matter to you. But it is also an act of exploration, and an act of creativity. My job as an editor is to enable every writer to share their stories, ideas, and art in a way that is true to their intent.  

Each writer has a unique voice - I seek to ensure that voice is optimized, clear, and beautiful.


Editing, too, is an act of connection. I delight in the opportunity to collaborate with writers and always feel a profound love for each author I work with. I have worked as a professional editor for nearly a decade, during which time I have edited novels, nonfiction books, and thousands of website articles. Each project brought with it the treasures of expansion, knowledge, and friendship.  


I truly look forward to working with you!


Rachel lives in Southeast Idaho with her husband and three incredible kiddos and squeezes as much dancing as is physically possible into her days.

Let's get started!


We would be happy to visit with you over the phone or Zoom to discuss your project and goals, and explain more about how we might be able to help you with them. No sales pressure, just getting to know each other.

Thanks for submitting!

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