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We are excited and delighted to have the opportunity to work with you! Your book is as unique as you are, and deserves personal attention.

The Consultation Edit is the first step in the comprehensive editing experience we offer. Through this process, we offer you feedback on your book as a whole and your writing in particular. We check the broad picture for flow and clarity, then go deeper with a sample of your book. Here, we find patterns that show up in your writing. We will show you the strong points we see in your writing and some tips to harness them. We'll also share your less ideal writing tendencies to watch out for, and what you can do to fix those patterns when you see them.

This is also a sneak peek into what it's like to work with us: a "mini edit" that allows you to preview the entire process from start to finish. It includes a substantive edit (followed by author/editor collaboration), line edit (followed by author/editor collaboration), and a final proofread.

When this edit is complete, we'll send you a proposed project scope and timeline, as well as a bid price for a comprehensive edit on your full manuscript.

If at the end of the consultation process you decide you'd like us to help you perfect your entire project, wonderful! Your initial payment for the consultation edit will be credited toward the total cost of editing.

Let's get started!


We would be happy to visit with you over the phone or Zoom to discuss your project and goals, and explain more about how we might be able to help you with them. No sales pressure, just getting to know each other.

Thanks for submitting!

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